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We have the equipment and experience to perform a wide range of engraving jobs on surfaces such as gold, silver, plastic, brass, pewter, and aluminum. Our work in the past has included plaques, plastic name badges, clock faces, nameplates, as well as custom engraving on a wide variety of gold and silver jewelry items, such as cufflinks, silver cups, and bracelets. Generally speaking, most metallic objects or jewelry items with any appreciable amount of smooth surface are engravable. Should you have a question about engraving a particular item, feel free to bring the item into the store so that we might have a look at it.

Many types of limited-color graphics (such as logos) are relatively easily engravable. If you have a specific graphic which you would like us to engrave, please call or come in to discuss it with us.
Our engraving equipment is capable of producing text in nearly 90 font faces, as well as characters in a number of different languages. If you have a specific engraving-related question, feel free to ask it of us.